Gifts for Older Adults that Prevent Falls

Steady U Partners Newsletter- December 2018

Gifts that keep giving by preventing falls

It’s that time again – time to give gifts that show how much you care. But what do you give someone who says they have everything they need? Another pair of gloves? Flowers? More candy? How about giving the older adult you love something that’s really useful? How about a gift that will help them avoid a fall?

The STEADY U Ohio initiative suggests:


Communications Corner

Shopping is part of the fun of the holiday season but crowded, busy stores can also increase the risk of a fall. The Golden Buckeye program and STEADY U Ohio recommend shopping at off-peak hours; avoid walking around displays that block your view of obstacles; reporting any hazards like spills or loose mats to store staff; and asking store staff for help carrying heavy or bulky packages or bags to your vehicle.

  • Non-skid slippers: Not only are they practical for fall prevention, they also keep feet warm during cold winter nights. Safer than socks, non-skid slippers can help keep an older adult safe and warm.
  • Winter boots with rubber soles: Investing in a waterproof pair of winter boots with sturdy, non-slip rubber bottoms, can literally be life-saving this winter.
  • A sturdy step stool: Look for large platform steps, slip resistant feet and be sure it has a hand rail for help with balance.
  • A cordless telephone: Having a cordless phone means an older adult can keep it nearby and will not have to rush to answer a call.
  • Welcome mats or trays to absorb moisture from wet boots: A wet floor is a slippery floor. A tray inside an older adult’s door can contain the mess and prevent a possible fall.
  • A promise to shovel snow: Shoveling snow can take a major toll on the body, so giving a loved one the gift of not having to think about it this holiday season is money well-spent.


This year, give a gift that an older adult can not only use, but that will also reduce their risk of a potentially life-changing fall.