Steps For Avoiding Theft While Traveling

Senior couple hiking

Older adults are oftentimes targets for theft, especially when they’re traveling to unfamiliar destinations. Because of that threat, seniors should take added precautions when planning vacations.

Choose places to stay that provide safe ways to store valuable items. For example, hotels often have safes in which guests can secure such items as purses, passports, and jewelry. Always test to make certain that in-room safes work properly before placing items inside for safekeeping.

Also consider investing in clothing with inside zippered pockets and magnetically sealed external pockets that are designed to protect wearers from pick pockets.

Credit card fraud is a growing issue that travelers face. One way to limit that risk is to use more cash while traveling. Some financial institutions now allow patrons to withdraw cash from other banks’ ATMs while traveling without the usual out-of-network fees.

Despite the risk of fraud, many seniors still prefer using their credit cards while traveling. In those cases, travelers should call their credit card issuers and let them know where and when they’re traveling. That allows card companies to monitor transaction locations and ensure that there’s no unusual activity once the trip is over.

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