Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program for Summer 2020

Older adults living on fixed incomes sometimes find it difficult to afford locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.  Going without these foods negatively impacts their health.  Older adults with limited income apply for and receive $50 worth of coupons that act as cash when purchasing locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and honey from about 130 participating farmers.

SENIOR FARMER’S MARKET NUTRITION PROGRAM APPLICATIONS have been mailed! There are some updates to this program, including the ability to apply online! If you need assistance with the application, click this link and select the “APPLY NOW” button (or have someone do it for you). You no longer need a paper copy of the application if you’ve filled it online. Click here for instructions on how to fill out the application: Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program Instructions (002). Coupons will be sent to your home in MID-JULY.